MBAND: Extra Pack

Package included – MBAND:  2pcs (a pair)

MBAND: All In One

Package included – MBAND:  2pcs(a pair) / MCLIP 1pcs / METAL PLATE 1pcs



Cable Holder / Cord Organizer / Headphone Clip / Wire Winder / Magnetic Clip


✔️ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL EARPHONE WIRE ORGANIZER – If you want a permanently untangled earbud cord, our Mband would be the perfect organizer! Our Mband is small, easy to use, and lightweight but strong enough to hold the most type of cords, cables, and any size of headphone wires! It is sold in the pack of magnetic buckles, holder and clip. You can use them with one another or use one solely on its purpose! Also, you can use your headphone cable as a necklace to wear.

✔️ VERSATILE USE AT HOME & OFFICE & CAR – Our cable management system features multiple usages. Any daily supplies made of iron would stick to it with our Mband magnetic buckle! For instance, you can hang your smartphone charging cables at the corner of your bed, and you can attach the magnetic plate to a desk at cubicles, workspaces, and offices. Save your time to untangle cords or to organize them easily! Moreover, you can choose it as a gift for friends, families or any cable users!

✔️ MAGNETIC SOLUTION WITH CONVENIENCE – If you are tired of using the clip or snap button type cable organizer, try our Mband with its strong magnetic power to organize your cords, cables, and headphone wires super easily. All of its components contain magnetic force. Therefore, there will be no installation needed, just put earphones or cables to Mband2 magnetic buckles, and it will automatically stick together. Use the high quality metal clip to clip your shirts, it won’t fall out!

✔️ SIMPLE & MINIMAL BUT ESSENTIAL DESIGN – Sold with five essential colors including black, black-transparent, white, white-transparent, and green. As you can see, we pursuit the simplicity as well as the simple design of our product. It is designed to suit almost all types of earphone, USB cables, and keychains. Choose one to fit best for your office, room, or any space need to place. It is also portable and easy access to bring convenience as well. Try it, and you will feel the difference!

✔️ SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL – Our all-in-one package of Mband features a small and lightweight day-to-day accessory! It is made of eco-friendly soft silicone which gives you dust-repellent coating. It is thin and small enough to carry in your purse or backpack. Also, you can adjust its length up to 31mm suitable for any cable types including smartpen, headphone wire, and cables of home supplies. Save your time to organize disordered cores by buckle around it!



  • MBAND(a pair): We had researched to find the need of earphone wire due to frequently tangled and disordered earphone/headphone wire. We designed and manufactured MBand2 to give a practical solution for earphone wire users as well as any cable users! You need two Mband magnetic buckles to hold your wires. It makes you hands-free and helps to arrange tangled wires. It suits any type and size earphones and untangle USB cables.
  • MCLIP: Mclip will give you an additional comfort for your cable management by clipping to your outfit, purse, and shoulder strap to hold your earphone wire more tightened. It can attach to any space composed of iron or brass. Mband can be used individually or pair up with mclip for ultimate effects.
  • HOLDER: Mband and Mclip can be used as a magnet attaching to any space contain iron, brass component. Do not worry if your desk does not hold any magnetic item. We also added a metal holder. Take off the tape on the back and stick to any area you want to manage cables or cords.Use Mband and Holder at home, office, and in your car.


Which color and design will you choose?









Compatible with your Earphones & Cables.

Mband is a silicone product has tension. It can be installed with any earphones and cables. (Best match with earphones have rod like a Apple earpod)  Maximum diameter for installing is D10mm. It also attachable with charge cables and any wires. Easy to install and have huge benefit.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 80 × 18 × 120 mm
Mband & Mclip Set

[Extra.pack] Black, [Extra.pack] Black Transparent, [Extra.pack] White, [Extra.pack] White Transparent, [] B.Transparent, [] Black, [] Green, [] W.Transparent, [] White, [] Wine

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