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[Mband2: All In One – Package Including]

MBAND:  2pcs(a pair) / MCLIP 1pcs / HOLDER 1pcs

[Mband2: Extra Pack – Package Including]

MBAND:  2pcs(a pair)

  • MBAND(a pair): We had researched to find the need of earphone wire due to frequently tangled and disordered earphone/headphone wire. We designed and manufactured MBand2 to give a practical solution for earphone wire users as well as any cable users! You need two Mband magnetic buckles to hold your wires. It makes you hands-free and helps to arrange tangled wires. It suits any type and size earphones and untangle USB cables.
  • MCLIP: Mclip will give you an additional comfort for your cable management by clipping to your outfit, purse, and shoulder strap to hold your earphone wire more tightened. It can attach to any space composed of iron or brass. Mband can be used individually or pair up with mclip for ultimate effects.
  • HOLDER: Mband and Mclip can be used as a magnet attaching to any space contain iron, brass component. Do not worry if your desk does not hold any magnetic item. We also added a metal holder. Take off the tape on the back and stick to any area you want to manage cables or cords.Use Mband and Holder at home, office, and in your car.