15 In 1 Tiny Pocket Multi-tool




All in One Tool

The multitool, MDT001 is designed by MADD. 15 in 1, includes keychian, slotted screwdriver, various hexagon wrenches, 1/4 bit holder, box cutter, and simcard ejector.


Pocket EDC Tools

 The multitool is compact and light for your everyday carry. Put it inside your wallet or CLIPIT2.0



A Keychain

The pocket multitools carry-on your car/ keys, pocket, wallet, backpack easily.


Premium Material

Featuring high-quality Iron steel material, sturdy, abrasion resistant, and durable. The utility tool can be used outdoors, camping, hiking, office.

15-IN-1 Multipurpose Tactical Survival Tool

The perfect solid gift. Versatile and light weight. Has a nice sharp edge and a bottle opener. Has a few other features that could be of some use. You never know when you may need it. Small and doesn’t take much room to place where you may need it someday.
Easily fits in your back pocket for easy carry. A credit card-sized EDC tool that easily fits inside your wallet, keychain in your pocket!

Super tiny multi-tool

Multi-tool which weighs only 7g and is just 1.7″ long is so easy to be taken along with and can be as a gift. Put it in your wallet or use it as a keychain. It comes with a key ring. It can be hung on a key or backpack. Keyring is designed to avoid the possibility of loss.

Durable Pocket Tool

The multipurpose tool is forged from heat-treated virtually indestructible steel material, not easy to bend or rust. Ensuring maximum durability and virtually unbreakable

This is an overall great and inexpensive tool to have at any time.

15 In 1 Tiny Pocket Multi-tool

keychain, slotted screwdriver, various hexagon wrenches, 1/4 bit holder, box cutter, Simcard ejector and many more.

The best partner with CLIPIT

Put it inside CLIPIT and use it as a cardholder. All products in MADD bring greater synergy when used together. In addition, the exterior is designed to suit everyone. Experience the amazing effects.

More convenient, more effective!

The multifunctional multi-tool in MADD is suitable for Christmas, birthday, any special day as a gift to father, partner, family or friends.